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Our Philosophy

"I believe nutrition is more than just whole food vs. process food" - Vilmos Bond

Today, we know in order to take care of our body we need the right nutrition. We also know we are biologically wired to enjoy eating because it’s the center of us celebrating our cultural, and I totally understand that being born in Guyana. For this reason good nutrition cannot be a one size fit all or restricting food groups. 

Our goal as a nutrition coach for Moms is to help you nourish a healthier relationship with food and learn how to create healthier habits, rather than being frustrated over restricting diets. My hope is that I can help you see that food can contribute to you and your family’s quality of life. I’m here to show you that healthy food can bring your family together for years to come.

Our Team

Nutrition Coach Vilmos Bond

Vilmos Bond

Founder, CEO, Certified Nutrition Coach


We are so excited to offer busy mothers a coaching program customized to fit their goals, commitment, and lifestyle. We live in a fast-paced society, and it's very easy to let your health and nutrition take a backseat. Our nutrition coaching is a way for me to help moms take back control and make healthier, informed decisions about what you and your family eat.

Health is not only about eating healthy and exercising. It’s also about feeling positive where you are and confident in your goals. My Bio-psycho-social approach is essential because an optimal health includes your mind, body, and surroundings. Getting healthy is not something moms should dread or "suffer through;" getting healthy should make you feel good about yourself. At Wellness Next Step we want to celebrate your healthy! 


At the big, communal table of nutrition, we see a lot of food fights.

It seems like everyone has a strong opinion about the “right” way to eat, or the back and forth you read about ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods. We all want to know the specific, magical combination of foods to stay fit, cure diseases, keep us young and give us a radiant glow. 

But, well, there isn’t a perfect diet. 

The best plan is the one that focus on your goals, match your commitment and fit your lifestyle. You can read about or think about working out or eating healthier, but it’s not until you actually make the decision to start, that you’ll begin to get into shape. 

I am so excited that my love for living healthy has effected my kids, which in turn influence their friends.

Vilmos Bond

Founder, CEO, Coach

Let's work together

Vilmos believes in order to living a healthy lifestyle it starts with having a goal, making a decision, taking action and creating healthy habits. Since 2014, Vilmos has been helping clients overcome frustration with yo-yo dieting. So if you’re ready to make a positive change in your health, he is here to help. His years of experience working with health professionals and his customized approach to health, will have you feeling energized and back in your favorite jeans, in no time.


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