April 28, 2020

Burning question fat loss and muscle gain

As a mother, it can be challenging to find time to care for yourself. Focusing most of your attention to raise and care for your family can sometimes lead to gaining extra weight. 

Regardless of whether you're struggling to lose pregnancy weight, or you want to look and feel better about yourself, now is the perfect time to begin a fitness and health kick.

The Problem With Losing Weight

When you decide to lose weight, several obstacles can stand in the way of achieving your success. Some of the most significant difficulties you might encounter include:

  • Not having time to exercise
  • Unhealthy eating or snacking habits
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Changing your diet
  • Maintaining healthy habits
  • Underlying health conditions that make weight loss more difficult
  • If you've struggled to follow out of the box diets or get to the gym, you might feel discouraged about making yet another attempt at fitness, with the possibility of failing. However, there is always the chance that this time is the one that "catches" and inspires you to make it across the finish line of their fitness or weight loss goal. 

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    Steps You Can Take To Get On Track

    It's not surprising that many moms want to lose weight, trim down, and gain muscle tone as well as have Insta-worthy "after" photos yesterday. However, an understanding of realistic expectations is often the difference between achieving amazing results or throwing in the towel and giving up on your weight loss goals.

    Some of the most common questions nutrition coaching for moms answer include:

  • How fast can you lose fat?
  • What's the upper limit on gaining muscle?
  • How do I measure my progress?
  • How do I maintain or sustain my weight once lost?
  • How do I determine my rate of progress?
  • Since the answers to these questions can vary, it's important not to get too frustrated about results you perceive as mediocre when on your journey. You need to understand your ultimate goal and what to expect once achieved. 

    The rate of fat loss and muscle gain is often not linear. You might experience fits and spurts of weight loss, especially after completing the first year of dedicated training. You shouldn't only use numbers to measure your progress. 

    During the first twelve months, the more closely you follow the plan provided by your nutrition coach, the more speedily you are to loose the unwanted weight and inches. However, the overseeing mantra at Wellness Next Step is that it's about progress, not perfection. 

    Following a restricted diet and getting regular exercise plays a critical role in the success of your fitness and weight loss efforts. If you need help coming up with a plan, a nutrition coach for moms can help with customizing an eating program that allows you to achieve your goals healthily. In many instances, the eating plan will implement fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. It may also include meal replacement or protein drinks to supplement or reduce calories.

    Additionally, when working with a nutrition coach, you'll get the benefits of learning healthier eating habits, improving athletic abilities with dietary improvements, and being a better example for our children. 

    When you consider all the marvelous advantages of working with a nutritional coach, it's easy to why this investment in your health and wellbeing is a good one.

    About the author 

    Vilmos Bond

    Hi, my name is Vilmos, a Certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer for busy moms. As a Wellness Transformation Coach, I’m dedicated to improving my clients' quality of health. I will draw from evidence-based techniques to help my clients create a better relationship with food, and improve habits to a better lifestyle.

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