September 1, 2020

Healthy mom eating good Fats

Why You Need Good Fats in Your Diet 

You’ve probably heard of low-carb high-fat diets, but even if you aren’t on one you still need plenty of fats in your diet. Eating fats won’t make you fat if you choose them wisely. Sure, loading up on fried foods and cupcakes probably isn’t the best way to stay healthy, but your body needs healthy fats to function properly. By finding ways to incorporate foods such as nuts, fish and oils into your family’s diet and consulting with a nutrition coach, you can make sure your family gets the nutrition they need!

Why You Need Good Fats

Good fats are especially important for healthy moms. As a mother, you need plenty of energy, and you need to keep your brain sharp to take care of your kids, your house, your job and anything else that’s important to you. Motherhood requires endless multitasking. 60% of your brain is made up of fats, so healthy fats are vital to supplying energy to the brain and improving mental sharpness. Many vitamins are also fat-soluble, meaning that your body won’t absorb certain vitamins if you don’t eat enough good fats. 

The Dilemma

Many people are busy or haven’t spent a ton of time looking into the exact nutritional science of what they eat. As a result, it’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling like fats will make you fat and eliminating them, or of eating too many of the wrong kinds of fats. Catering to a full family’s dietary needs can also make it hard to incorporate good fats effectively.

How Do You Make Sure You Get Enough Healthy Fats?

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Know What Kind of Fats to Eat

Good fats are typically saturated fats, so make sure to check the food label. Unsaturated and trans fats won’t provide as many health benefits. Foods containing omega-3 fatty acids are frequently your best bet. Common sources of good fats include:

o Nuts, nut butters and seeds

o Fatty fish such as salmon

o Cooking oils such as olive oil

o Avocado 

Incorporate These Foods In Your Current Lifestyle

A complete diet overhaul might seem overwhelming, but it’s easy to do little things such as snacking on nuts or fruit with nut butters, cooking with healthy oils instead of butter and incorporating fish entrees a few times a week.

Find A Nutrition Coach

Setting up an ideal meal plan for your family that will work with picky eaters and limited time can be tough. Nutrition coaching for moms can help with these problems by looking at your individual situation and needs. Taking your preferences into account, nutrition coaches can design a personalized meal plan with foods you enjoy. They can also consider factors such as nutritional needs for growing children, the ideal macro breakdown for you as an individual, health conditions such as diabetes, allergies and anything else that might affect your family’s diet. 

Healthy moms want healthy meals for their families, but it’s so much more complicated to cook for many people than to cook for just yourself. Incorporating more good fats into your diet can make it easier to get everything done since your body will absorb the vitamins it needs to function properly and your brain health will benefit. However, every person and family is unique and needs to find a meal program that makes sense for them. Nutrition coaching for moms is a great way to make sure the whole family stays healthy and gets the nutrients they need, so try consulting with a nutrition coach!

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