October 6, 2020

Ways to Boost Immunity system

During the coronavirus pandemic, it is essential for mothers and all women to strengthen their immunity and keep themselves healthy, especially since this disease is easily passed from person to person.

The right nutrition and proper foods can help as well as the ability to maintain the right body mass index (BMI). Supporting gut health and maintaining an exercise routine is important. Lastly, it is essential to reduce stress, moderate alcohol intake, get plenty of sleep, and clean your hands regularly.

Our nutrition coaching and fitness habits may help you stay healthy amid the coronavirus epidemic. Using a few of our proven strategies from our nutrition coach for moms will ensure you're on the right track toward boosting your immune system.

Improve immune system

Right now, the coronavirus epidemic is still spreading worldwide, but social distancing, washing hands, and using face masks do help reduce the number of cases. The number of coronavirus cases in the United States has grown past 780,000 while the number of deaths is more than 42,000. Additionally, nearly 72,000 people have recovered from this condition.

You can't be sure that you'll avoid catching a cold or the flu or even something as serious as COVID-19. While you can't control how your body will react and how your immune system will respond when exposed to a pathogen, there are some aspects that you can influence.

For example, you can influence nutritional deficiencies by ensuring that you eat the right foods to stay healthy. Nutritional deficiencies can hurt your immune system, so consuming healthy, vitamin-filled foods will play a major role in boosting your immunity.

There are a variety of different factors that will impact how your body will react to a pathogen such as COVID-19. While factors like age are something you can't change, keeping a fitness routine and consuming nutritious foods are things you can influence.

You'll need to understand that no single change can truly control your immune system to ensure you won't feel sick if a pathogen enters your system. Only a clinically tested vaccine or drug regimen can keep your immune system functioning properly. Therefore, it is important to realize that there is no superfood, supplement, or fitness regimen that will keep you completely healthy.

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Nonetheless, your day-to-day lifestyle can make a significant difference for your health and your immune system. There are eight specific ways you can enhance your immunity and stay healthy in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. These eight methods include:

  1. Nutrition. You'll want to be sure to shop for healthy, whole foods filled with key vitamins and nutrients.
  2. Maintain a healthy body mass index (BMI). If your BMI is at the overweight or obese level, consider taking part in our weight loss plan for moms.
  3. Support gut health. You can do so by keeping yourself hydrated, getting enough sleep, eating slowly, and reducing your stress levels, according to a Healthline article.
  4. Stay active. It is essential to keep your body moving even during a quarantine. There are countless aerobics, yoga, and Pilates videos you could follow on YouTube every day.
  5. Moderate alcohol intake. Avoid drinking more than one glass per day.
  6. Sleep 8 hours per night. Be sure to go to bed on time and get plenty of sleep.
  7. Reduce your stress level. When feeling stressed, take deep breaths and consider learning how to meditate.
  8. Follow recommended hygienic practices. Be sure to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds after being outdoors.

Clearly, if you follow these steps, you'll be much closer to preventing disease and boosting your immune system. A nutrition coach can help you meet these goals. Be sure to reach out to our nutrition coach for moms.

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