Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions people wanted to know about Wellness Next Step!

Getting Started


What is Wellness Next Step?

My coaching philosophy was developed using science-based research and data collected from working with past clients. I use one-on-one personalized wellness transformation coaching, together we will create a plan around your lifestyle to make weight loss simple, effective and sustainable.


Who is Wellness Next Step For?

Wellness Next Step is for moms with a variety of backgrounds, ages, lifestyles and health issues. Our clients range from any age in between from young ladies to grandmothers.


How does your program work?

As a Wellness Next Step client, our coaches will work with you to customize a nutrition plan that fits with your goals and lifestyle. You will have weekly appointments to help you work through the transformation to gain a sustainable lifestyle change.


As a client, what results can I expect to see?

At Wellness Next Step, we measure success differently. While other programs rely on the scale, we believe it’s more than that. You and your coach will come up with measurable mile stones based on your goals. Your results can be increased energy, better sleep or weight loss. 


How long does it take to start seeing weight loss?

When it comes to weight loss, our clients typically lose about 1-2 lbs a week depending on their goals and commitment.

What is expected of me as a client?

At Wellness Next Step, our number one focus is to stay positive, believe in yourself and know you can do this! Your coach is there to help you stay accountable to your wellness goals. As a team you will work on overcoming weekly challenges together. 



Nutrition Plans

What does your 1 on 1 coaching look like?

Your coach will partner with you to focus on improving your nutrition knowledge, and habits for long-term success.

First, your coach will focus on your personalized nutrition plan, along with activities to fit your lifestyle, commitment and goals. Your coach will be your guide. At each appointment you will go over your progress, challenges, and work on a new education topic along with goal setting for the week.

How often can I meet with my coach?

You can meet with your nutrition coach weekly or bi-weekly based on the nutrition plan you choose. You and your nutrition coach will layout your appointment schedule for days and times that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Can my family and I do a group program?

Yes! We absolutely welcome families working as a group. 


How are you different from competitors?

We believe in keeping weight loss simple, focusing on progress not perfection. Our one-on-one personalized nutrition coaching was designed to fit your lifestyle and make weight loss simple, effective and sustainable.

What type of food do I eat?

Our nutrition plans focus on less processed food and more whole foods. Using our nutrition app will help you stay on track with your grocery shopping. We would love to meet with you for a complimentary discovery consultation to see how we can help personalize a meal plan for you. 


Is your program more like a keto plan?

Some things we do can seem similar to “keto” but we believe each client needs are different. We found that some plans may work for one mom but may not work for another. This is why each plan is customized to the person.