July 15, 2020

Ways to Boost Your Immunity
As a mom, it's crucial for you to be healthy. You need to be strong to care for your children for as long as possible. That requires a healthy immune system. The immune system is what fights off illness and disease. Here are some tips on how healthy moms could boost their immunity. 

Ways to Boost Your Immunity

Eat mostly minimally-processed whole foods

Processed foods are foods that are altered in some way from the original ingredients. While many processed foods may be delicious (who doesn't love sugary breakfast cereal?), it's best to stick to whole foods. Find foods that don't have any GMOs or other modifications to them. Stick with natural, organic whole foods instead. If you still have questions about what foods are best to eat, look into nutrition coaching for moms to give you the information you need. 

Get enough protein, fruits, and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are generally filled with tons of nutrients to fuel your body with the things you need to function properly. Protein is another item that will help boost your energy and help you get through the day. When you get the right nutrients and proteins, you'll feel better. 

ways to optimize your immunity

Consume an appropriate number of calories

Some moms are a little too focused on losing the baby weight. Healthy moms understand that they cannot starve themselves if they want to be healthy in the long run. It's important to eat enough calories in the day. However, it's also important to eat the right calories. Avoid empty calories without any nutritional value, such as chips. 

Move regularly

Newton taught us that an object in motion stays in motion, so you need to be constantly in motion. If you are a mom, you are surely running around a lot, so that will help. Play with your children at the park. You should also make a point to go to the gym or do your own physical activities throughout the week. 

Reduce smoking and/or excessive alcohol consumption

Bad habits can really take a toll on your body. Smoking can damage your lungs, your heart, your skin, and your teeth. Drinking can damage your liver, your heart, your skin, and your mind. they can both affect your immune system as well. Quit or drastically reduce the amount you drink and smoke. 

Get adequate sleep

Scientists don't necessarily know why we need sleep, but they know we definitely need it. Think about the next day after not getting much sleep. you will likely not be your best. You will feel tired and not be able to focus. As an adult, you need to get at least seven hours of sleep every night. Now, this can be extremely difficult with kids. However, learn how to manage your time in a way that allows you to get to bed at a decent hour. 

Manage stress

It's no doubt that being a mom is stressful. You need to do your best to manage the stress. You won't be able to get rid of it all, but you can still work on it. Start by taking time for yourself every day to meditate or do yoga, even if it's just a couple of minutes. You can also get rid of some of the things on your busy schedule or talk to a doctor. When your stress is under control, you body will be under control, too. 

Your health is just as important as your child's health. They need you to be healthy in order to take care of them. Do everything in your power to boost your immune system to help your body fight whatever comes your way. Get nutrition coaching for moms to learn more about how to boost your immune system and stay healthy with the things you eat.

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