Nutrition coaching that is tailored to your needs: luxury nutrition coaching

It's all about you. I will create a personalized plan that is 100% made for you. What’s the result? Long-term success with healthy habits, thanks to a plan that fits your lifestyle, and goal.

What You Can Expect

My approach is different, and the results are too. Instead of just focusing on nutrition, I offer nutrition coaching, science-based supplements as needed and guidance throughout every facet of your journey to reach your goals. There's one thing you can count on with this well-rounded approach...It works!


As your nutrition coach, I have the experience and expertise to connect with you on a deeper level to help keep you accountable and inspired.


While it is easy to tell you what to eat, it is better to teach you how to eat.  Equipping you with the nutrition IQ, will help you to achieve your goals and maintain them in the future.


The heart of our program is our new wellness community. It will have women who are on the same journey as you. You'll have amazing transformations and discover delicious recipes that work for you. I will provide support, education and a ton of Hi-Fives!

Does this sound like you?

I would be happy if I….

If I lose some weight I can do more of….

If only had the energy I can enjoy….

I have a vision for my health, If only…

Having better health would allow me to…

Lowering my medical expenses would allow me to….

Having a healthy a meal plan would improve my….

If I can only find the right coach.....

You are in the right place.

Inflammation relief

I will provide evidence-based, individualized coaching that’s unique to your needs

Your Free Discovery Session

Free Discovery Consultation

During this session I will get to know more about your health goals, lifestyle, and level of commitment —knowing your ongoing health struggles will help me to tailor a plan to fit you. Once I have the information, I can determine the best steps forward to your success.

Ready to Crush Your Goals

smart meal choices

I will cover what to expect early on in your program, this will set you up for success on your healthy lifestyle journey. I will be your biggest cheerleader. Together, we will establish your health plan to reach your goals.

Keep You Moving Forward

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My goal as your coach is to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle. At this point, short term diet thinking is a thing of the past. Now you are focused on improving your healthy habits and having fun with your meals.

Success Feels Good

Assessing result after 12 weeks

This is the best feeling in the world! When you hit your milestones, smash your goals, and feel happy, healthy and confident. Then you can share that good news with love ones and the wellness community.

Are you ready for results?

If you’re ready to prioritize your health to achieve sustainable fat-loss by creating a better relationship with food and focus on your habits daily? I’m up for your challenge if you’re ready to meet the new healthier you.

Let's Focus On Progress NOT Perfection

I’m here to help you embrace the joy of eating well and create a healthy lifestyle you will love! We will meet weekly for instant feedback, action plans, and goal check-ins. With my structured support, we will work at your pace to help you regain your confidence and create life changing results. 

My goal as your coach is to give you peace of mind. To help you understand that living a  happy and healthy lifestyle, shouldn't be difficult. 

My Nutrition Coaching is for you if…

  • you’re looking to enjoy the foods you love while losing body fat and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • you understand in order to change your body, you must change your mindset.
  • you’re ready to make a commitment to a healthy lifestyle change.
  • you're ready to work on improving your habits everyday, listen to your body and follow the plan we customize together.
  • you are committed to your health goals.

My Nutrition Coaching is NOT for you if...

  • you’re looking for a quick fix, food restricted detox, or a 1000 calorie diet.
  • you’re looking for unhealthy 15 pounds in 7 days diet.
  • you’re not ready to make your health goals a priority.
  • you’re looking for heavy restrictive meal plans to meet your goals.
  • you find yourself switching weight loss program every 30 days and not willing to commit long-term.
  • you’re not willing to invest in your health.

After meeting Vilmos. I quickly learned how to make small incremental changes that had big impact to my health. My goal was lifestyle changes and losing a few pounds. Over the past 4 months I’ve lost 16 pounds but most important, I was able to easily maintain my goal weight. I couldn't imagine hitting 60 years old with this kind of energy. I bought my first 'skinny jeans,' I feel great!


Charlotte, Nc

Take Another Peak At My 1:1 Nutrition Coaching: 

  • Weekly or bi-weekly check-ins via Zoom or voice call 
  • Customized action plan designed to fit your goals, lifestyle and commitment
  • Meet you where you are in your nutrition knowledge and adjust based on your goals 
  • Customize a plan for your vitamin intake to increase optimal health 
  • On-going support via E-mail
  • Unlimited access to my healthy lifestyle community
  • Access to downloadable tracking sheets, educational materials, recipes and connecting with other women on the same journey 
  • Access to monthly prizes and giveaways
  • To learn more, book a complimentary discovery session

Are you ready for your healthy lifestyle change?

Register Now! To get your FREE anti-inflammatory kit

You will get 5 days of free anti-inflammatory meal plans designed to decrease inflammation in the body. It Includes evidence-based meal plans, premium recipes, complete prep guide & smart grocery list

Inflammation is often the blame for headaches, low energy, and poor digestion and even more serious health conditions such as arthritis, cancer, heart disease, and obesity.