September 8, 2020

Benefit of our nutrition coaching philosophy

In this article, you will learn why our nutrition coaching philosophy is the perfect recipe for your long-term success.

Many of today’s busy, working women strive to be healthy moms. However, the pressures such individuals face from their careers, familial obligations, household chores, and community involvement often leave them little time to focus on obtaining enough exercise or ensuring proper nutrition. 

Fortunately, however, a unique health approach known as deep health nutrition coaching for moms might teach this crucial segment of society how to eat optimally and maximize other critical facets of overall well-being. 

They said if you want to get flat abs, lose 15-20 pounds, take up cross-fit, run a half marathon, and eat clean. YEAH! That sounds like a bucket list. How do you turn short-term goals into something meaningful, sustainable, and inspiring for you as a busy mom? Our deep health coaching” is a revolutionary method that gets you the results youre looking for, plus the results you need.

Are you indeed ready to transform your health?

Are you ready to thrive in all aspects of health?
Sure, you may have boosted your squats, now your friends are impressed, and you feel confident wearing that mini dress with the slit showing your tone quads. 

But mom, what if I told you that exercise is only 16% of your physical health—so what determines your success?

Nutrition Coaching For Moms

What if I told you at Wellness Next Step our nutrition coaching moves to pass the  “ 12-week beach body programs,” the pre-summer workout plan, or “pre-wedding weight loss program,” to a healthy lifestyle that’s truly meaningful and sustainable. Isn’t life all about inspiring your kids to do better? What about them living a healthier lifestyle?
So after the 12-week beach body thing, what happens at week 13?

As a busy mom, can you even grow beyond your temporary goals without feeling hungry, deprived, and miserable?

Can you improve your health without turning food and fitness into your next full-time job?
Can you maintain this without backsliding from short-lived pride, Instagram mirror selfies into enduring shame, and going back to wearing baggy sweatshirts?

Proponents of deep health coaching maintain that the reason mothers fail to lose weight, eat properly, engage in exercise, or practice other significant health-maintenance activities is that they have been led to follow quick-fix diets and physical fitness fads. These fads are not geared towards establishing a lifetime of good habits. In other words, these actions might produce fast results. However, positive attributes do not last.

Can your neighborhood affect your health?

The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention keeps statistics on health, nutrition, and physical activity habits.

These data show a correlation between where people live and their lifestyle habits. On average, there are a few cities that are “fitter” then others. People in those cities, in general, have better health habits and body compositions than people in less-fit cities.

Are people in “fitter” cities “more motivated” than people in fewer fit cities? Do they have “more willpower?” Of course not, instead, cities with fitter people have things like:

  • better air quality and climate
  • more opportunities for daily life activity (like walking or biking to work, or running errands)
  • better access to healthy, fresh foods (e.g., farmers market, local produce)
  • more opportunities to enjoy the outdoorsy and play-type activity (rather than always having to visit a gym

In the “fittest city,” Portland, 86% of the population gets regular exercise because it’s easy to do because other people are chill about it. Laid-back and fun define the Portland approach to all things, including exercise, so it doesn’t seem like a chore.

By comparison, less-fit cities have things like:

  • long commutes, usually by car
  • suburban sprawl that forces people to drive everywhere
  • more fast food joints and drive-throughs
  • urban planning that makes biking and walking impossible or dangerous

There’s generally a relationship between access to healthy environments (in the case of parks) and physical outcomes (in the case of being obese). Of course, we all have choices within an environment, but the environment makes healthy behaviors more or less likely. After all, you and the kids can’t walk in the park if you don’t have one.

Deep health focuses on all domains of human experience. We help moms take a holistic approach to health; it includes five primary dimensions: physical, mental, emotional, existential, relational-social, and environmental. 

Deep health will be a little different for every mom.

My online nutrition coaching program is a way for you to continually learn and master new healthy habits without having to continually hustle over what foods you can and cannot eat. 

The idea is for you NOT to be okay with the quick-fix results you got, but to transform inside and out, to where you’re raving about your results to your friends and family.

What if you could be that mom alchemist, that mom that turns her superficial physical goals into sustainable life goals that inspire others and, most importantly, your kids?

Our clients that went through a complete transformation saw that a few of them became weight-loss coaches, and now they’re impacting others. We believe in getting more ambitious with our coaching, and that’s more effective. With this approach, it goes far beyond the superficial.

Deep health coaching for moms

Deep health coaching for moms

At Wellness Next Step, we believe in coaching in-depth health.

This success is when all aspects of wellness come in sync, instead of just the physical appearance.

No pill or operation can get you deep health; deep health comes from balancing your nutrition with whole food and exercise combined with a great night’s sleep. It comes from clean air; It comes from real human emotional connection and a sense of gratitude.

Our goal is to help moms live life with purpose and joy. You can use your life as an expression of deep health.

The Six Domains of Deep Health
The creators of this principle opine that truly achieving deep and lasting health requires those interested in attaining such aims, all aspects of health must work in tandem. This philosophy led the creators to formulate the six domains of deep health. These mandates are as follows:

Physical health does not merely mean having good lab reports or no major illnesses. Deep health proponents believe truly healthy persons display a heightened sense of energy and vibrancy enabling them to live life to the fullest. 

Deep health creators opine that adherents enjoy true and lasting relationships not only with family and other close relations but truly feel a discernible connection to all those they share any meaningful association with. 

Deep health coaches opine that optimal mental health takes several forms. Granted, being strong mentally does mean not having any notable disorders, such as, anxiety and depression. Additionally, however, significant focus is placed on attaining strong cognitive functions, like concentration, thought clarity, knowledge absorption, problem solving skills and memory. 

Coaching proponents believe it is perfectly okay for healthy moms to feel a wide arrange of emotions from time to time. The trick is keeping such feelings, especially the negative variety in check or expressing them in appropriate ways. 

Deep health practitioners place a large emphasis on developing a specific life's purpose. Living the typical nine to five existence is fine. However, those who spend those hours meaningfully and purposefully stand a better chance of achieving and maintaining optimal health. 

Deep health adherents also understand the importance of achieving and maintaining a positive environment. Individuals could follow all other suggestions to a tee. However, residing in or frequenting negative, unhealthy and unproductive environments can quickly destroy one's equilibrium. 

Living In These Domains
Existing in these domains can prove challenging but is certainly doable provided prospective practitioners follow tips, including:

Not Relying On Drugs
Of course, medications have their place in treating ailments that fail to respond to any other therapies. However, deep health coaches stress that identifying natural ways of addressing a given malady often yields far better results. 

Surgery Is Not A Cure All
Again, certain occasions arise where surgery is necessary and even life preserving. However, deep health coaches suggest that operations are not always surefire therapies for specific injuries and diseases. 

A Healthy, Wholesome Diet
One cannot perform to their highest capacity of they are filling their bodies with products comprised of unhealthy chemicals and have little to no nutrition value. Deep health nutrition coaching for moms stresses the consumption of natural, fresh and wholesome foods. 

A Clean Environment
Environment oftentimes exerts a significantly adverse impact upon one's health. Residing in a location with dirty water and unhealthy air negates many other healthy living practices. 

Obtain Optimal Exercise
Proponents stress obtaining a discernible amount of exercise. However, said individuals also emphasize that maintaining deep health also necessitates combining such physical activity with balanced sleep. 

Achieving optimal health does not occur overnight and cannot be attained through fads or quick fix solutions. typically, this aim is reached only through commitment and hard work. Women looking to become more healthy moms might significantly benefit from deep health coaching.

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