Are you ready to stop dieting 

and start living?

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Mom's today struggle with weight issues, and because of their busy lifestyle it’s hard to find time to focus on their health. 

We will you rediscover the true meaning of sustainable health. Through our one-on-one coaching sessions, we’re committed to helping you make positive sustainable changes by focusing on: 

Weight Loss

Heathy Habits

Health Concerns

Let’s begin with a 20 minute discovery session; we will learn about each other, and discuss your relationship with food and fitness goals.

We will discuss what you’ve done in the past, where you are now and what your goals are for the future. We will discuss some of your struggles that kept you from achieving those goals. In this session, we will talk about your big picture goals and identify the areas we should address first as we work together.

If you’re ready to see results like countless other Moms, I’m here, ready, waiting, and honored to be your coach! 

Initial Discovery Consultation

Initial Consultation

Overall Rating: 5/5

Includes 20 minute discovery and evaluation to learn about your big picture goals. We will discuss your readiness, willingness and ability to achieve your goals. Along with covering the basic structure of us working together as a team.

15 Day Detox Plan

15 Day Detox Plan

Overall Rating: 4/5

Whether this is your first time participating in a detox or you’re stuck in a plateau, this 7-Day Detox will curb your appetite for sweet, salty and fatty foods while supporting your weight loss efforts.

30 Day JumpStart Plan

30 Day JumpStart Plan

Overall Rating: 4/5

Our 30-Day Jump-start Kit is designed to start your weight loss journey the right way. We know you want fast results without compromising flavor or satiety, and that is why this jump-start is just the place to start.

On our follow-up sessions, we will discuss strategies that focus on helping you move forward to your goals, address a few struggles that maybe keeping you from a break through. New clients usually ask, based on my goals, how many sessions do I need to achieve results? That will depend on your goals, commitment, lifestyle and  your current relationship with food.

Rest assured, we are here for you until you achieve your goals or until you have the feeling of “I got this!” I will always be here for future support.