September 16, 2020

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Becoming Your Inner "That Mom" 
So you want to be “That Mom.” She’s beautiful, talented and has a picture-perfect family. You may be jealous of her body and balanced life, but that’s a good thing. With a little online nutrition coaching, you can turn this envy into motivation to become the mom you’ve always wanted to be.

What’s Her Secret?
She rolls up in her spotless car and drops her well-groomed kids off in front of the school, handing them Pinterest-worthy lunches. Somehow, she manages to balance raising children, meal prep, a spotless house and a career while still looking well-rested. Not only that, she also finds time to workout and dress like a model every day. 

Meanwhile, you left late, could barely find room for the car seat among the takeout containers and are feeding your kids granola bars on-the-go. Their shoes don’t match and you’re wearing your husband’s sweatpants. How does That Mom hold it together while you live like this?

Want to Know a Secret?

I’ve coached "That Mom" enough times to know that she is just as much of a mess as you. You’ve heard it before and I’ll tell you again: Instagram lies. You might not believe it’s true for "That Mom", but I’ve taken her measurements, and she is far from perfect.

No matter what your job is or what façade you’ve put on, during nutrition coaching you need to speak your (ugly) truths. The result? I’ve seen it all. As soon as the measuring tape comes out, even the most fitness-obsessed moms dissolve into a puddle of tears on the bathroom floor.

The Ugly Truth
You think That Mom can’t binge on Oreos, candies and Nutella when no one’s looking? Or her perfect life protects her from unpleasant experiences? She is just as insecure as you. Her crazy boss puts her down, her mom preferred her sister, her fiancé left her and she feels like she'll never be enough. That Mom is an emotional wreck. 

Thick or thin, abs or jiggly stomach, fake eyelashes or raccoon eyes courtesy of yesterday’s mascara, I know one thing unites you all: your struggles. The truth is, "That Mom" doesn’t exist.

Becoming your best healthy mom

Become Your own version of “That Mom”

Reconsider Your Expectations
I have bad news and good news. The bad news? It’s not going to happen overnight. You’re going to need a lot of hard work and vulnerability. The good news is you can meet your goals! My nutrition coaching for moms will help you.

Find New ‘That Mom’ Inspiration
The “That Mom” you envy might not exist, but the put-together woman inside you is just waiting for you to tap into her. She’s there, so get inspired by your dreams, motivation and strengths. 

Learn to Be OK with Being “Not OK”
Remember: progress not perfection. You will have “those days,” so all you can do is put your best foot forward. Beating yourself up is self-sabotage so be kind! Focus on being the best you instead of a perfect you.

Explore Deeper
For certain symptoms, you need to get to the root of your problems and learn to fight them, overcome them and stop them from taking over your life.

Chase Your Awesome
What does being That Mom mean to you? Follow your own dreams and find what makes you feel empowered.

A Few More Tips

Don’t Get Hung Up on Failures
Little failures are part of the process. Move forward and learn from them. They can only make you stronger.

Think About Your Vision of Success
Visualize what That Mom means to you so you can come up with an end goal that makes sense for you! 

Come Up With Workarounds
Obstacles and barriers are going to come up. If you get creative with your time, you can overcome whatever is getting in your way. 

Act Like a Transformed Mom Instead of That Mom
Focus on meeting your goals and becoming your best self instead of striving for an ideal that doesn’t exist. Others might see you as “That Mom” and more importantly, you’ll become who you want to be.

Check Out My Nutrition Ebook for Moms!
It has plenty of tips and my bonus semi-annual 12-week jumpstart program

Start Assembling Your Team
Surround yourself with friends and family to be your cheerleaders and motivators!

Work with your nutrition coach

How Nutrition Coaching Can Help
You probably know you need to eat, sleep, move and manage your stress to meet your goals, but it can be hard. Nutrition coaching services can guide you by making you a personalized plan. Remember that specific goal you set? I’ll help you get there. You can trust my knowledge because I’m trained professionals and I’ve seen it all. I know how to turn you into your version of That Mom. Most importantly, I can keep you accountable. How many times have you set a goal and never followed through? As a nutrition coach I won’t let it slide, which means you’ll make progress. 

Maybe “That Mom” as you know her doesn’t exist, but with a little nutrition coaching you can become a transformed mom that fits your ideals. It’s not about competing. It’s about meeting your goals. Schedule a coaching session to become your best, most confident self!

About the author 

Vilmos Bond

Hi, my name is Vilmos, a Nutrition Coach for busy moms, and a wellness implementation consultant for private practice. I help moms overcome feelings of self-doubt and frustration with weight loss.

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Jade Bernardi
Jade Bernardi

Just left us a 5 star review

10/10 would recommend the vegan and pescatarian meals 😱

Maria Zahra
Maria Zahra

Thank You Vilmos!

When I decided to improve my health I reach out to Vilmos, to be honest, I was a little skeptical. I lost weight in the past using weight watchers a few times, and I was curious about his approach. However, it turns out the investment was worth it because I lost over forty pounds in six months, but this time I’m confident I can keep it off. I learned so much about myself in the last 6 months. I even saw improvement in other areas of my life.

Linda G
Linda G

Full of energy and loving it.

THANK YOU, Vilmos!!! Your program improved my habits and my body, and I continue to improve my habits every day. I can’t thank Vilmos enough for caring, understanding, and holding me accountable to make sure I stay on the path to success.

I tried a few diets in the past that lead to frustration and stress — I lost some weight but I became emotional like anyone really needs that. I was referred to Vilmos, and after our discovery meeting, everything clicked. I’m really enjoying the supplements Vilmos created for me.

Vilmos saved my life. For over 20 years i suffered with fibromyalgia that lead me to medication. 20 years after taking my first medication for the fibromyalgia, I end up 20 years later on a total of 8 medication for allergies, ulcer, blood-pressure and a lot of nutrition deficiency’s plus 30 pounds. My blood work from my doctor only got worst after trying different weight loss program and counting calories. After talking with Vilmos I realize he was the right person to help me. For him it was consistency, not a quick fix, which was hard for me because i’m not great with change. After focusing on my ulcer the first 3 days I can tell the difference, I was sold. Six months later my doctor took me off of 5 medication because my blood work was that good and I loss 25 lbs and that is hard for someone that’s about to hit 70 years old. Today i’m taking my custom cocktail supplement Vilmos had created for me to address my vitamins deficiency, trim tea to help with weight loss and ultimate aloe for my digestive system. Today I’m eating healthier and have a lot of energy, so I can’t help but refer people to him, he is great at what he does. Thank you Vilmos, I am you’re number one fan!

I've been searching for awhile for supplements that would help me reach my goal! Things have to really impress me for me give a review but this works so it's easy to do! Vilmos and his team are Bert knowledgeable and the products have really helped me and now my wife! I was the Ginny pig lol!

I discussed my health concerns and goals with Vilmos. I wanted improvement in joint health, good overall circulation, and hopefully to lose a few pounds. At his recommendation, I began the MultiVitamin, and later added Isotonix OPC-3 , and Bromelain Plus. Vilmos is very knowledgeable, and I appreciate that he explains in detail what is in the supplement and how it targets the problem. I believe these products are helping to eliminate my inflammation, improving my joint function; and I definitely plan to continue this program.

I love taking the Daily essentials pack, it was recommended by Vilmos because I was having issues with being tired a lot and feeling low with energy. Since I have been taking it i feel like my rest is actually making a difference. I do not feel tired all day any more It has helped me in ways I can't even describe. Love love it....