February 5, 2019

Healthy Lifestyle and drop the diet

Why A Healthy Lifestyle Beats Fad Diets Any Day

Following a fad diet means that you go with the trend. It is the way to go for most people with a weight loss plan. However, those that start it cannot maintain it for long. Most of them after losing weight resort to their old eating habits. Therefore, do not expect to lose weight for long, just by eating fad diets. For you to maintain the weight you want, you ought to have healthy eating habits and exercise regularly. Here, you will get the best advice on why a healthy lifestyle beats fad diets. 

Variety is Important
For your body to develop properly, you need to feed on healthy diets. A healthy diet consists of a right balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and nutrients.

When you decide to go for a fad diet and fail to include the required nutrients, you are at risk of becoming sick. Lacking a specific nutrient for a while might not have an immediate effect. However, if you continue lacking those nutrients for an extended period, you might have health problems. 

Control Your Portions
Food servings have been increasing as time goes by. If you decide to eat in a restaurant, you are sure that you will be served a lot of food. Therefore, a lot of discipline is needed when you are eating out in restaurants or at home. You can opt to eat plain salads as a meal. 

Losing Weight without Fad diets
1. Eat a variety of foods. Ensure that all your meals contain lean protein and complex carbohydrates. In every meal, make sure that you balance all the nutrients well to avoid any health complications. 

2. Avoid bad fats. Animal sources contain saturated fat that you need to avoid. Additionally, avoid trans fats contained in fried foods and snacks. 

3. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Your activity level, sex, and age dictate how much fruits and vegetables you should consume. For an adult, try eating at least two cups of vegetables and two servings of fruits each day. 

4. 150 minutes of exercise each week. You should not work out the whole time at once. Instead, break it down into smaller but manageable sections. Carry out a simple weight loss program that you know you can handle without straining. 

5. Eat smaller meals frequently. During the day, make sure you eat four or five times. Additionally, make sure you take four hour breaks. Look for foods that are healthy and keep you full for many hours. 

6. Drink water. Water keeps your system healthy. Additionally, drinking water has benefits because it keeps you full. Therefore, you do not need to eat a lot as long as you drink enough water. If you are planning a healthy lifestyle program, water should be essential. 

7. Snack on berries. Dark berries are rich in healthy antioxidants. Furthermore, they contain a low amount of calories and more fibre. 

8. Stay away from empty calories. If it is possible, try and avoid sugar-containing drinks like sodas and fruit juices. 

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