Simplified Wellness Transformation Coaching to achieve your Health Goals.

Are you ready to live a healthy lifestyle where the burden diet is the thing of the past and living life with choices is your new reality?

Vilmos Bond Nutrition Coach

My Wellness Transformation coaching is for women who:

Nutrition mom
  • Struggle with weight loss 
  • Ready to stop the yo-yo and restrictive dieting
  • Ready to take a more proactive approach to managing your health
  • Ready to move past the daily aches and pains
  • Ready to make the vision of their health a reality
  • Ready to address unhealthy habits

Introducing My Wellness Transformation Approach 

We will focus on these three areas to create a sustainable transformation







Transformation Coaching For Women

I believe coaching is based on building a relationship of trust and connection in a safe space where there is no judgment. This helps with personal growth, discovery, and change. I will be your motivator, cheerleader and accountability partner, who helps you to reach all of your goals and dreams by giving you positive energy and thought-provoking creative processes.

I know that my clients are the authority of their own life and I encourage self-discovery through different methods that you have never encountered in any other wellness program.

My Wellness Transformation Coaching takes a balanced overview of health and wellness. My thoughtful transformation coaching for women focuses on making a plan that fits your goals, lifestyle, and level of commitment. 

I have a personalized approach, easy-to-follow plan that supports a healthy, long-term lifestyle, reduces stress, gives you the support you need to stay on track, and keeps you motivated. I will help you become your best self and live your dream life with no looking back.

Discover my simplified approach to wellness

Wellness Next Step is a Wellness Transformation company focusing on the most comprehensive approach to health and wellness. Our thoughtful one-on-one coaching focuses on customizing a plan to fit your goals, lifestyle, and commitment.

I believe in a customized easy-to-follow plan that promotes a sustainable healthy lifestyle and lowers inflammation while providing the support you need to stay on track and motivated.

Vilmos Bond FAQ
  • Virginia

  • Linda

  • Daniella

  • Judith

Virginia. C - Healthy 74 year old

For over 25 years I suffered with fibromyalgia, ulcer and vitamin deficiencies that led to weight gain. Today, I have my life back, my doctor took me off my fibromyalgia pills, no more ulcer and I lose 37 pounds. Today, I take my customized supplement Vilmos had created, I’m eating healthier, I have more energy than my girlfriends and I’m the oldest.  I am so thankful I was introduced to Vilmos. I’m Extremely blessed!

Weight loss client
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When you envision your health 5 years from now, what does it look like?

So whether you’re looking to lose a few pounds, get off of some medications, eat healthier, exercise more, create healthier habits, or just simply feel better, you've found the right wellness transformation program. 

Discover My Secrets To Your Wellness Transformation

If you're looking to elevate your health and lose weight, then look no further. Follow my proven step by step plan to start your wellness transformation journey today.

  • Use my proven insight to help you understand why other weight loss failed you in the past.
  • Learn why focusing on your daily habits is the best way to weight loss results
  • Learn why losing weight does not mean giving up your favorite childhood foods
  • Learn why weighing your food and counting calories is not a sustainable plan
You will hear from me weekly, and have me challenge YOUR thinking on a regular basis!